4 Signs Your Hospitality Staff Are Ready For A Promotion

Traditionally, experience or seniority would dictate who was “next in line” for a promotion. Those lines no longer exist today, at least not in the most progressive, innovative organizations or successful restaurants. In today's world, experience alone is no longer enough, and seniority is a word used only by the most entitled of employees.

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Zaza Pachulia's NBA All-Star Votes Are Bigger Than Basketball

Zaza Pachulia career stats may not blow your mind. He’s averaged 7.1 points and 6.0 rebounds per game during his 13 year NBA career. A casual NBA fan might not even know his name. This fan may also say Zaza is not NBA All-Star Game material. 

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A Major Key Khaled Is Missing

Khaled’s social media celebrity has outpaced his music fame. Besides his aphorisms, Khaled’s I don’t know to laugh-at or laugh-with renewable content and rescuing the key emoji from a complete ambiguity, Khaled ‘s influence on American society is palpable. The key question is, what kind of influence?

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