No Shade; A Win For Some Of Us Is A Win For All Of Us

“They did not see the real beauty, yet again.”

The fan-created meme was shared by Miss Georgia Lara Yan on her Instagram story shortly after Miss Philippines Catriona Gray was crowned as Miss Universe 2018.

In an interview weeks before the Miss Universe competition, Lara Yan also voiced: “After having seen photos of other contestants, I will tell you honestly, out of 88 contestants I only liked ten, the rest of them I could not even rank”.

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A Major Key Khaled Is Missing

Khaled’s social media celebrity has outpaced his music fame. Besides his aphorisms, Khaled’s I don’t know to laugh-at or laugh-with renewable content and rescuing the key emoji from a complete ambiguity, Khaled ‘s influence on American society is palpable. The key question is, what kind of influence?

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