Damien Escobar, Grammy Winning Violinist

Before working with Anna, my life was empty and confusing. I had suffered a painful loss and didn’t have the tools to cope with it. I felt alone, lost and defeated. Anna promised she would help me get through my situation, and on top of it would give me the tools I needed to navigate through the even more challenging situations life can bring. SHE KEPT HER WORD.

This woman literally pulled me from the depths of hell and shifted the occurrence of my issues. I would jump on calls with Anna feeling defeated, and end those calls feeling powerful, heard, and alive. My experience working with Anna has been life-altering, to say the least. I now have the tools, self-awareness and understanding of the game of life that I apply to myself personally and professionally. I wouldn't have been able to do this without Anna. She always gives me the credit for my progress, but the truth is, I am this version of myself today because of her. I am forever thankful. I highly recommend Anna to EVERYONE.


Sharon De Furia, Educator

Anna turns your fears and insecurities into strength and confidence. She listens without judging and guides you to your own solution by asking the right questions. Anna has a high level of self-awareness and intuition paired with a good heart. She’s not only a coach, she is a friend you can count on. Thanks to Anna, I have learned more about myself than I could have imagined, started an incredible journey of personal growth and have become a better version of myself. Anna has completely changed my perspective towards my life, especially in the area of love and intimate relationships. I am very lucky to have Anna as a coach and a trusted confidant. I don't know what I would have done without her.


James Leonard, Business Developer

For over 10 years, Anna has been a constant guiding force in my life. There have been some tough life decisions that I could have not made without her. She's insightful, non-judgmental and always available. I'm always impressed by her perspective. She has an innate ability to reveal things to me that I may have not considered, and for that I'm forever grateful.


Lela Museliani, Entrepreneur

Anna is the quintessential Difference Maker, a high-energy resource who will instantly get you moving toward your professional and personal goals. She knows the right questions to ask and the actions that need to be taken to get you to where you ultimately want to be. She is an expert in all areas of personal development and genuinely cares about the people she works with. Your life will never be the same once you meet Anna. Truly!


Lara Okukenu, Tax Director

Life before Anna was hectic, stressful and full of a lot of people pleasing! As a Brit, I am very reserved by nature and not used to opening up, especially to strangers. But my boyfriend had been having calls with Anna for over a year and highly recommended her so I decided to give it a go. I mean what’s the worst that could happen?

I quickly found myself at ease with Anna. She is a fantastic sounding board. Not only does she help me find a path through my internal dialogue but she has also helped me discover and resolve problems I never even knew I had. You simply cannot underestimate the benefits of speaking to someone clearly trained in the art of listening.

I am now living a life in which I am more present, less stressed and armed with a bunch of tools to help me navigate my internal dialogue. All in all, Anna comes highly recommended.


Gerry Conze, Restaurateur

I worked with Anna shortly after opening our restaurant. Anna was instrumental in helping us create an action plan that produces consistent sales and profit results to this day.

As a business owner I am able to get more ROI for my work thanks to Anna and her ability to keep me focused on doubling down on my strengths. We are a better business as a result of working with Anna and I highly recommend her to all restaurant and business owners.


Tiffany Ashurian, Principal Of Ashco Developers

Anna is very production oriented and helped increase profits of our restaurant over 40%; while both increasing sales, strengthening team synergy, and minimizing costs. In addition, Anna was able to maintain the integrity of our brand and raise market awareness through grass roots marketing and her personal network in the industry. Anna is a Guru in her trade and my team and I highly recommend her for both established as well as new restaurants !!