Coaching Is Not Advice Giving

She has been with me through times of my life when I’ve felt most volatile. She’s helped my walk through many uncertainties and helped me  make some life-altering decisions. We rocked and plowed through a lot of shit together! Then I fired her. I had to.

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What To Say To Your Hospitality Team In Pre-Shift Meetings

The truth is, many restaurants don't have pre-shift meetings, and some that do still don't have a solid system or strategy around how they do it. Many restaurant managers think of pre-shift meetings as a necessary evil. They make it boring and glum by merely talking about new specials, 86’d items, and pointing out the negatives, like wrong uniform or schedule issues.

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Are Business Cards Dead?

I thought my business depended on how elaborate and prestigious my business cards looked and felt. I even considered ordering metal cards, for $8 a pop! I spent a whole month looking for the right printer and the right design for brass finish engraved cards that could have blinded someone from 100 feet away. I don’t know what stopped me.

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