What Your Desires Really Mean

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Say it with me:

My desires are not a sign of what I lack, they are a sign of what I am capable of creating.

My capabilities stretch beyond my imagination and I am willing to find out just how powerful, capable and resourceful I am.

What looks like a stand still, rut or a plateau, in actuality is the phase that naturally precedes every acceleration, forward movement or big break.

I let go of all beliefs, thoughts, habits and people that strip me from feeling worthy, supported and capable.

I am responsible for how my life is currently, and that gives me power to make it how I want it to be.

I know the universe starts to co-create with me as soon as I get behind my goals and desires and take inspired action.

I show up fully each day and give the Universe/God a lot to work with.

I am deeply loved, continually supported and always guided.

I have everything I need to be the fullest version of myself.

I believe,
I trust,
I know,

that my desires are my divine direction.