Confidence is EVERYTHING, but what is it?

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If you don’t trust yourself to show up fully in a certain situation or environment, you won’t feel confident in it.

Lack of confidence is conditioned into you by years of mindless practice of not being your full and true self. By self protecting, playing small, hiding, pretending, performing, perfecting and comparing.

Self confidence is a state of being in which you create thoughts, feelings and actions that raise your belief in yourself and your capabilities.

The foundation of self belief is self trust.

How do you start trusting yourself? Perform acts of courage every day.

Courage is an emotional risk. It’s knowing there is a downside, and still focusing on the upside. Knowing that you can lose, and playing anyway. Playing the game to win, and if losing, doing so gracefully

Daily acts of courage don’t have to be monumental; you don’t need to think global here.

You start small:

  • Keep your word to yourself,

  • Show up on time (early is even better),

  • Say “I love you” first while knowing they may not say it back,

  • Go to dinner alone (and stay off the phone),

  • Say hello to a stranger,

  • Speak up at the risk of not being heard,

  • Make a decision knowing it may or may not be the best one,

  • Stop reading that book you’re reading just to say you “finished it”,

  • Sincerely compliment someone,

  • Send a small gift to a friend out of the blue,

  • Clear the clutter (at home, in the car, on your phone),

  • Pick up a heavier weight in the gym,

  • Take a different route home,

  • Get dressed up for no particular reason,

  • Listen instead of speaking,

  • Say “I’m sorry” first,

  • Ask for help,

  • Say “I don’t know”.

What are the acts of courage you can do to gain more self trust and more confidence in yourself?