20 Best Things I Ever Did - From My Closet To My Business


1 - Stopped replying (reacting) to text messages the minute I receive them. Just because texts are immediate doesn’t mean they are urgent.

2 - Became a minimalist. I constantly clear my entire living space of stuff which has little to no use. Clear home = clear mind.

3 - Created a capsule closet. I sold and donated my oversized closet full of designer brands - even the red bottoms. I only keep 20-30 items at all times. This saves me precious time, a ton of money and ridiculous amounts of effort to put an outfit together. Slaying has never been easier!

4 - Moved to a walkable area. Not driving is liberating in more ways than I have space to tell you.

5 - Went digital. I ditched all paper. Talk about decluttering! And I can access my files from anywhere. “I need paper” is a limiting belief.

6 - Started checking in with my mother every morning and every night.  She feels more love, and it reminds me of what truly matters and what I am most grateful for.

7 - Hired someone else to build my website. I can focus on what I actually like doing. No more hours of angry stares at my MacBook.

8 - Started writing even though English is not my first language and I couldn’t edit to save my life. I am a better writer as a result.

9 - Booked my first speaking engagement without knowing what to even speak about. Serious guts needed for this one!

10 - Started saying no with no explanation. When I started respecting my no, so did everyone else.

11 - Started reading daily. Feeding my mind is either equally or more important than feeding my body. I can’t decide between them.

12 - Started tracking every dollar I spend and make. This taught me to respect my money and helped me make more of it. 

13 - Got a food fairy. Thank you universe! Life has never been easier and more delicious.

14 - Became hard to get for those who don’t respect my boundaries.

15 - Started saying hello to strangers. It makes the world a kinder place, I meet new friends, create new opportunities.

16 - Went vegetarian. I still indulge in a Shake Shack burger occasionally and don’t pass on the gourmet food tastings. I do this guilt-free.

17 - Started working outdoors. Work and Vitamin D at the same time - my kind of multi-tasking. Living in Miami kind of helps.

18 - Started writing down my big goals every morning. I never forget what they are. It’s harder to come up with excuses when your big goals are staring at you. 

19 - Got an espresso maker. I still get a latte on the go, but my morning hunt for a Venti in a paper cup is over.

20 - Stopped giving free and unsolicited advice. I am valued more, as a friend and as a professional coach and consultant.